Welcome to the Land's End-John o' Groats Association.

Established 1983


Notice: All Members are invited to attend the Annual Presentation Weekend and AGM in Torquay, 28-30 January. Please go to the downloads page for the Booking Form, which needs to be received by Jack Adams by 14 December. We hope you are able to attend!



The Land's-End John o' Groats Association was established in September 1983 following the inaugural journey from Land's End to John o' Groats and then back to Land's End again.  This event raised in excess of £10,000 for various charities and all the participants of that event went on to form the first Committee.


Over the intervening years we have had getting on for two thousand members, raising millions of pounds for charity.  However the Association is not a registered charity, even though the majority of members have raised money either for small local ones or large well known national ones.  The Association is run on a not for profit basis by a committee elected each year at the Annual General Meeting and is regulated by a constitution.  All full members are encouraged to participate in the running of the Association.


Members have undertaken the journey in a host of different ways, obviously cyclists, walkers and motorists top this list but there have also been many more "unusual" modes of transport, for example, motorised supermarket trolley, push scooter, (long time member Eddie Sedgemore is in the Guinness book of World Records for that one) various Traction Engines, Unicycles, horse drawn carriages Phantom fighter jet, microlight and a yacht.  Most travel from one end to the other in a fairly direct route, but not all.  Some include the four extremities of the United Kingdom, some the highest peaks in England Wales and Scotland and a few extend the their journey into Ireland and even the near continent.


We usually have two social events each year.  The first is our annual Presentation Weekend, held in January at the Toorak Hotel in Torquay, Where a two night stay on Friday and Saturday is offered.  On the Saturday  morning we hold the Association's AGM followed in the evening by the Presentation Dinner when we hand out certificates to all who have completed the journey in the previous 12 months and our range of handsome trophies.  We also have a late summer weekend and for this we move the venue around the UK so that as many members as possible have the opportunity to meet other members.  We have in recent years visited Truro, York, Carlisle, Norwich, Colwyn Bay, Weymouth, Loch Lomond, Yeovil, Scarborough.  During September 2011 we stayed at The White House Hotel near Ironbridge and enjoyed all the area had to offer in terms of visitor attractions, last year we made a return visit to Wales staying at the Copthorne Hotel Cardiff.


Please enjoy your visit to the site and check back regularly for updated information, sign the guest book and leave us your comments and if you are planning an end to end trip, follow the links on the Route and Membership pages, let us know how and when you are doing the trip, include your links for the journeys page and  we will look forward to welcoming you as a new member soon.




South African member Katharine Arzul and Millie