Griffin Trophy Winner. "Blind Dave" Heeley.

Blind Dave our 2011 Griffin Trophy winner is a remarkable man.  Despite losing his sight at a young age it has not slowed him down, quite the opposite in fact.  Amongst his many achievments, he is the only blind person to have completed seven marathons in seven days on seven continents and is a veteran of the London marathon amongst many other events.

  Dave won the the Griffin Cup for his "Top 2 Toe Challenge" which consisted of a marathon, followed by a 70 mile tandem cycle ride on ten consecutive days, which by anyones standards is a fearsome task.

 Aided by a  dedicated support team (which included a sandwich maker, every trip should have one) he raised well in excess of £100,000.

 Dave could not attend the Torquay presentation weekend, he was training for another London marathon and he also had just had a new guide dog.  So we took the unpecedented decision to take the presentation to him which we did a couple of months later, he was taking part in yet another fund raiser, this time a sleep out overnight at Oldbury Rugby Club in the Black Country.  So it was on a chilly March evening Chairman Brian Dawson along with committee members Tony Bagley, Colin Jones, Adrian Cole and his wife Sarah travelled to Oldbury to meet Dave, Seamus the guide dog  and some of his team.  We all had a very warm welcome from everyone and it's fair to say Dave and his crew were in high spirits despite the low temperature. 


Dave and some of his team.

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