The Association's Trophies.

Various trophies are presented each year at the Presentation Dinner for qualifying journeys in the various categories, these are listed below with the relevant criteria for qualification.

Presentation table.

The Griffin Trophy:

Our first and most prestigious cup.  Presented by Midland Bank (HSBC) is awarded to the person/s who have raised the greatest amount of money for charity in the preceeding year.


The Committee Cup:

Presented to the person/s who in the opinion of the committee has completed a wholly exceptional journey, this may or may not have been for charity and might or might not qualify for any other trophy.


Cock o' The North Shield:

Presented by Alex Rintoul, is awarded for a journey on a small capacity motorcycle (less than 100cc) 


Brenroy Trophy:

Presented by Roy and Brenda Walker, awarded to the cyclist/s who raise the greatest amount of money for charity that does not qualify for the Griffin Trophy.


Christian Von Conzendorf-Mattner Trophy:

Presented by Christian Von Conzendorf-Mattner, for a journey in either or both directions by means of pre 1940 motorised transport.


Dennis Greenslade Challenge Cup:

Presented by founder member Dennis Greenslade, for a trip in both directions by car non-stop except for refuelling and natural breaks.


The Shanks Pony Trophy:

 Presented by Brian Jones:  At the discretion of the committee to the person/s who achieve the best performance on foot.


The Tourco Trophy:

Presented by Peter Milton, Nigel Hore and Richard Givens.  Awarded for a single or double journey on (principally) a British motorcycle.  The award is at the discretion of the committee considering the following criteria in order of priority.

1) British motorcycle

2) Other motorcycle

3) Largest engine capacity

4) Oldest rider

5) Best account of journey


The Alroyd Lees Cup:

Presented by the nephew of the late Alroyd Lees (motor sport enthusiast) Awarded to the oldest motorist to have driven from Land's End to John-o'-Groats or vice versa.  Age verification is required.


Chambers/Hume-Spry Cup:

Presented by Jeff Chambers and Peter Hume-Spry.  Awarded for an unsupported journey by bicycle, the journey should be for charity although the amount raised is not important.  These conditions are deliberately vague so that the committee can consider as many qualifying trips as possible.


The Mabel McCracken Mug:

Presented by our Editor Geoff De'Ath and his wife Anne.  Shall be awarded for the most entertaining account of or about or relating to a journey succesfully completed by any means and in either or both directions at any time during three years immediately preceding the presentation of the award.


Jack Adams/Richard Elloway Trophy:

Presented by Jack Adams and Richard Elloway.  Awarded to the Youngest person to have completed the journey by whatever means other than as a passenger in a motor vehicle during the preceding year.  He or she should be 25 yrs old or less upon completion of the journey.


The Charlie Hankins Memorial Trophy:

Presented by various committee members.  Awarded to the person's who in the opinion of the committee demonstrates the most courage, fortitude and determination whilst completing a journey between Land's End and John-o'-Groats or vice versa by whatever means.


The Joan Cave Memorial Trophy:

Presented by her husband Phillip and sons Anthony and Christopher.  Awarded using the following criteria.

1) No sex discrimination

2) Minimum age 50 at the tme of the journey

3) The unsupported journey from Land's End to John-o'-Groats or vice versa must be undertaken on foot or by bicycle or any other means which in the absolute discretion of the committee demonstrates a particular effort in the face of physical or other infirmity.

4) The committee shall give consideration to any sums raised for charity and the personal attendance of the winner at the presentation dinner, though the absence of one or both of these factors shall not necessarily debar an otherwise eligible member from receiving the award.


The Alex Dick Jubilee Cup:

Presented by Alex Dick who was a competitor in the "Billy Butlin Walk".  Awarded subject to the following criteria.

1) The winner must not have previously won any of the Association's trophies.

2) The winner will be the member (the cup cannot be shared) considered by the committee as the most deserving notional runner-up for any of the other trophies.

3) The winner must be in attendance at the presentation dinner.

4) The name of the winner will  not be disclosed until the presentation.


The Chase Korte Memorial Cup:

Presented by Brian Dawson, Don Dyer and Peter Hume-Spry. Awarded to the member who walks end to end in either direction, supported or un-supported, has shown fortitude and determination to overcome setbacks.  Preference will be given to young non UK residents. 


David Webb Commemorative Trophy:

Presented by Carol Webb.  To be awarded to a cyclist or cyclists who have, in the opinion of the committee, achieved the most meritorious journey, taking into account health and disability issues. 



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